Soul Mouth

“The poems emerge, often, from childhood, almost pre-childhood….Walls fall, identities shift, and something is walking through the snow just outside the window.  There’s nothing soft or precious here, just a tough, wide-awake daring.”
—Patrick Friesen, author of Dark Boat and The Shunning

In Soul Mouth, Marilyn Bowering’s first collection in five years, the poet explores the story of childhood and mythology and the development of observation, sexuality and spirituality through their connections not only to personal history but to the animal world and the environment. Monday Magazine said that she “converses with the reader like a brave acquaintance.”

Exile Editions 2012 ISBN-978-1-55096-300-7

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Previous Praise

“The sensory affection of Marilyn Bowering’s words makes each poem glow. The intelligence of heart, mind and body are merged throughout with emotional depth and a rare meditative sensibility. This is a wise, tenderly cadenced work, exquisitely drawn and evocative.”
—Don Domanski

“To read Bowering is to fall into the mystical hands of her words; she never betrays our trust.”
—Susan Musgrave, The Vancouver Sun