What is Long Past Occurs in Full Light

Marilyn Bowering’s new book of poems, What Is Long Past Occurs in Full Light, weaves beautiful meditations on absences and loss with personal, local and cultural memories that reveal the continuity of the past and present. The poems flourish with transformative interconnections between literature, ecology, civilization, history and personal critique. A story of acknowledgment and restoration is being told from various points of view and identities, including that of a missing dog, vanished figures from a Victoria childhood, and authors such as Gogol, Akhmatova and a Gaelic bard in their roles as inhabitants of the museum of the poet’s mind. In line with Marilyn Bowering’s interest in culture as ecology, the poems are also acts of propitiation from the present to the natural world and the old voices that form the mythopoeic connections between people and their surroundings.

Marilyn Bowering
Poetry (Mother Tongue Publishing Inc.)
Beautiful meditations on absences and cultural memories
978-1-89694972-7 | 110 pages | $19.95