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To All Appearances A Lady Reviews

Audacious and very impressive. It is the struggle for self-knowledge and moral awareness that makes this a remarkable book. Alan Massie, The Scotsman Marilyn Bowering has written a whale of a yarn! She takes history, adventure, mystery and romance and fuses all of the elements into a fascinating whole. Chattanooga Times A  many layered and […]

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Visible Worlds Reviews

  “…a vast, sprawling feast of a book.  You finish reading it glad of the experience, aware that some of the ingredients were fabulous, even astonishing…dazzling language and poetic imagery…abound.”  The New York Times Book Review  “…vividly imagined….. Bowering maps the overlapping territory between science and spiritualism, love and madness.  Her family melodrama, reminiscent of John […]

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Cat’s Pilgrimmage Reviews

“A thing of beauty, a rich act of the imagination that alternately dazzles, puzzles and thrills. To read it, her first novel since her Orange Prize shortlisted bestseller Visible Worlds, is to be reminded both of the sheer power of fiction, and of just how pedestrian so much of contemporary fiction has become. When was […]

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Atlantis Review of ‘Green’

“Green, is a beautiful book! The sensory affection of Marilyn Bowering’s words make each poem glow. The intelligence of heart, mind and body are merged throughout with emotional depth and a rare meditative sensibility. This is wise, tenderly cadenced work, exquisitely drawn and evocative. The linguistic grace of these poems simmers with the authority of […]

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What it Takes to be Human – Reviews

“…The material is dramatic and at times lyrical, the story rich and strange. Sandy is a kind of Everyman… his fine intelligence beaten down in the name of Christian obedience. The irony of his incarceration at a time of global bloodshed is abundantly clear… this is no ordinary thriller… and the euphoria and optimism of […]

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